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"Good organization, very well-written. Great Depth! Wow! The thoroughness of this course is impressive."
Bill & Cheryl

"I give this course two thumbs up. It is a very in-depth course covering all the bases. I already had a desire to produce video biographies reviewing the course materials gave that desire a well-needed kick start, and I've got lots of family members to practice on."
- Sean


"Thank you so very much for all your kindness, love, understanding, and sensitivity in creating this very special video for our family which we will always treasure. God Bless you."

Debra G.

"Thanks so much for the beautiful video. Everyone was so impressed . . Several people took your name including O'Halloran & Murphy Funeral Home."

Ann O.

"Thank you for your good part in eternally changing lives through your videos. Thanks for using your time, talent, creativity, and easy-going personality."

Barb J.

"Thanks so much for the video. I cried 3 times when I viewed it alone. The music was set to the pictures just wonderfully. I don't know how you could start a song and change to another so smoothly."

Carol J.

"Thank you for the large part you played in my brothers memorial service at St. Joan's on July 23. The video that you produced was of exceptional quality. The copies you made will continue to give comfort to all of us."

Jane A.

"How incredibly gifted you are! You gave me back memories I had forgotten. With much joy and many tears I watched my family grow up again and now I can't wait for my children to see these great "memories." I feel I owe you more than money. You can't imagine what these memories did for me. If I ever meet you in person I'd like to give you a very warm hug."


"Thank you, thank you, thank you - for so rapidly and skillfully producing the international ministry video. I've heard countless comments about the quality, etc..."


"Thank you for all your work on the class video. It's great to have a way to recapture some of the special people and times of ones life."

Peggy and Phil E.

"We don't know what we would do without you! You have ministered to this church with impact that is equal to that of the Choir or even some of the Pastor's messges."

Church Music Directors

"Thank you for such an excellent job on our wedding video. It was such a pleasure working with you. I don't know if we will ever be able to thank you enough, but we will think of you every time we watch the video."

Todd & Donna

"Thank you so much for the fantastic work you've done on our wedding. The video album was wonderful, it was very special and meaningful to so many people. The final production of the entire wedding is excellent. We love it. You've done a fabulous job on everything. Thank you very much for your hard work and creativity, and the lasting memories."

Stacy and Mike

"Well the great unveiling finally happened. Dave and I had a wonderful evening Thursday, watching the video and reflecting on his life. He was overcome with emotion, and was astounded at how well it captured his life. In short, he loves it. . . . Thank you for all the hard work and the gift of your creativity and genius."

Lawanna and Dave

"This you will hardly believe, but only last night did my wife and I finally sit down to view the entire video of the October 1 organ dedication at St. John in the Wilderness. We had seen the televised version (twice), and would have seen the original earlier had we not given all our copies away as Christmas gifts! But Max came to the rescue, and now we've seen it all. You certainly outdid yourself in dubbing sound with sight. Certainly the videotape is a vivid reminder of what went on that day. We had no idea you could record it from so many different angles - and your fading in and out was superb."

David G.

"Thank you so much for the wonderful work you did on the montage and wedding video. We are so glad we invested in it. Thanks especially for your warmth and graciousness during our consideration of what we wanted. And, of course, thanks for the extra camera, the extra ediing touches - it was very special to us."

Tara & Jon

"We wanted to extend an extra gift of appreciation for all your generosity and excellence that you put in on our wedding video. Everyone that sees it loves it and comments on how well it is done. Just two weeks ago we had the pleasure of showing it to Karl and Sarah. They were amazed at the amount of work you put into the video - making us even more grateful, considering that they are videographers too! Thank you again.

Dave and Karin

"The edited version of the 1986 reunion tape truly exceeded our expectations. We appreciate the time you spent working with our committee on this difficult project. By improving the quality of the original tape and removing some of the background noises, you have produced a tape that we will enjoy viewing over and over in the coming years. Thanks very much."

Michael H.