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Each person's life is a book penned by the hand of God. What a shame it is when we keep that book hidden from those we love.

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Everybody has a story to tell. Unfortunately, that story is often lost at a person's death. Memory Vision wants to help families have access to these stories by unlocking them and recording them for future generations. We unlock the stories through interviews, photos, home movies, stock footage, etc., with the final product being available on DVD.

  • Our basic program begins with a relaxed interview - either in person or on the phone.
  • To prepare for this interview, we will have you fill out a basic form that will serve as a guide in our interaction.
  • In addition to the many questions we will ask, we also include topics and questions that are submitted to us.
  • We also include up to 20 photos that will be woven in through the interview. Once we have your basic form, we can assist in choosing just the right photos.
  • Often this basic program serves as a foundation for a more comprehensive biography that can be done at a later time. Both versions can be included on the same DVD.

Biographies Biographies

Excerpt from "A Soldier's Story"


Excerpt from Tom M's Video Biography

book cover"Dear Alan & Melonie –
I received the video yesterday and watched it twice last night; it is superb, wonderful – WOW!! I wouldn’t change a thing!! I know any person for whom you perform this service would be thrilled! Thank you very much!!"

Tom, dated March 28, 2008